Who i am


about me

  My name is Ofunneka,  I consider myself an outgoing, fun-loving individual, who loves to spend  time with family and friends. I consider myself a passionate advocate  for social justice and a voice for the marginalized and vulnerable. I love working with young children and young adults because they provide  a platform for me to share my experience, but also to learn from them  in this modern age of technology. I love cooking, going on long walks, zumba and I love to sew. 

My  specialty is making monster dolls and felt books which I believe will be  a great medium to connect with children and teenagers. Being part of the CALD community I believe in a fair-go for  everyone. Also, being a mum and wife I understand the importance of Replenishing,  Retreating and Reviving from that life. I call these my three Rs and live by them and I am willing to share with fellow mothers and all women who need the three Rs in their lives


I have a Bachelor in psychology (Honours), and a diploma in counselling with Advanced Majors in Child Development and Effective Parenting; Abuse Counselling; Relationship Counselling and Conflict Resolution. I am also a member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA member no.: 1636). 

my counselling practice


What does C3N2 stand for?

 C3N2 stands for Counselling Children and Communities with Non-Judgemental Nurturance. This is what I stand by and will strive to achieve on our journey together.  

why choose my service

 I believe all my clients have what it takes to succeed and are experts of their own lives. Therefore, my role is to help you believe this too.Give yourself the chance to soar.